TROFIE Partners

TROFIE Partners

TROFIE Retail Partners – the women, men and businesses who own and operate airport retail concessions – are responsible for making your travel experience more enjoyable and hassle-free.  

In 1995, TROFIE was hired by famous San Francisco bookseller Books Inc. to create, execute and manage its magazine program at SFO. TROFIE refreshed their cash register counter, designed a magazine mainline with oversized acrylic bins for those Vogue Fall Fashion issues, and developed in-store promotions to engage customers and maximize sales.

Fast forward to 2018.  Today, TROFIE's Retail Partners own and operate everything from Starbucks franchises to newsstands and bookstores, electronics and fashion boutiques, and hundreds of restaurants, bars, and fast food eateries.  And in every major market in North America.  We’re proud to be the drive behind their in-store, shopper marketing programs.

Beats dining from a vending machine any day.

TROFIE Partners Include Air Host, Airport Retail ManagementAREAS USA, Aviano Emerald City, Avila RetailBlind Vendors OhanaCompass BookstoresCasa UnlimtedCharlotte's Landing, Coco's of Westchester Co. Airport, Crews IAD LLCDelaware NorthEstes Enterprises, Inc.Faber, Coe & GreggGateway Newstand Inc. NYCGateway Newstands Inc. Toronto, Geathers Enterprises, Soto SanchezMarshall Retail GroupMaster ConcessionAirOakwellsPacific Gateway ConcessionsParadies-Lagardere Canada, Peak Concepts, Procurement Concepts, Puente Concessions, SB & J Enterprises, Shellis Management, Southwest Concessions, SSP AmericasStellar Partners Inc., Trans-Air Atlanta, LLC.