What We Do

What We Do

TROFIE creates and executes in-store media campaigns in 800+ bookstores, newsstands, and food and beverage venues in airports, train stations and subways covering 85 US DMAs and 3 DMAs in Canada.  


TROFIE has been connecting traveling shoppers with brands on their path to purchase.  In airport newsstands, retail shops, restaurants, we turn browsers into buyers using in-store touch points that motivate people to make a purchase. 

Retail chains like Delaware North Companies, AREAS USA, Marshall Retail Group, Stellar Partners/HMS Host use TROFIE to create and execute their airport in-store promotions to drive sales, launch new products, position national brands, and effectively improve the shopping experience.


While waiting for a flight to depart, a combination of TROFIE Network ads and product displays attract, engage, and motivate the customer towards making a purchase. TROFIE designs the whole package for advertisers – from placing the advertising in each airport retail store, arranging for product distribution to the stores, and finally to collecting POS for sales analysis.