Heather Browand/National Sales Director—Press

No stranger to the single copy sales magazine industry, Heather experienced her first paper cut as an intern with Hachette a couple of dozen years ago. She’s been a publisher, national distributor, global magazine marketer, and today claims the title of National Sales Director—Press, representing TROFIE retail partners’ marketing strategies in North America’s airport and train station newsstands.

Heather’s position requires her to match the right domestic and foreign magazines with travelers who subscribe to the belief that one doesn’t check ones brains with ones luggage. She curates authorized magazine lists and creates marketing programs designed to improve the shopper experience when customers are in TROFIE’s retail partners’ newsstands, with the happy end resulting in increasing sales.

Aside from work, Heather admits to being big gym devotee and enjoys attending live music and theater (anything from a cabaret to seeing a major artist at Madison Square Garden). Further to that, she also sings in a band. More about that at another time.