Terry Kraml, Marketing & Advertising Manager, Book Division

Books often represent over 40 percent of a newsstand’s periodicals business, and TROFIE retail partners look to Terry to apply the insight and industry acumen she has gained throughout her 25-plus year career to enhance their book business.

Prior to joining TROFIE, Terry was a Book Transportation Manager for Chas. Levy Circulation Company in Chicago. Terry has developed breakout marketing strategies to maximize key book categories nationwide. With smart buying and custom marketing campaigns that target the airport traveler, these programs generate powerful results for retailers. TROFIE’S progressive and unique sales opportunities are held in high esteem by the publishing community.

Terry’s dog Star is the only dog in Illinois who does not bark at the UPS driver but rather howls whenever a call comes in from TROFIE, and specifically from Christine. Terry’s two champion daughters and husband ski, paddle, boat, and are reportedly living the dream.